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Flat Roof Repairs

Our professional staff can repair all types of flat roofs.


The cause of most flat roof leaks is that there have been many layers of roofing applied and are hiding the underlying problems.  Some of these problems may be poor drainage, blocked roof drains, damaged roof decking or damaged flashing.  A long term solution to these issues is to remove the existing roofing down to the roof deck and correct the problems by properly installing a new roof system.


EPDM rubber roofing – This is a measure of roofing material many business and property owners want because of its steadfast weatherproof tenacity. EPDM is an acronym for ethylene propylene diene Monomer (M-class) rubber, and that is a type of synthesized rubber that is applied to a vast variety of industrial uses. It is a solid and reliable choice for your flat roof repair because of its super defiance to heat, weather and ozone challenges, not to mention its brilliant properties for electric insulation. With EPDM, you get peace of mind against the elements.





Flat Roof Before





During Repair



Flat Roof Repair Completed

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